Evergreen Consignment and Gift Co., Inc.  
810 Spruce Street
Pottstown, PA  19464
Hours:  Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm

Thank you for choosing to consign at Evergreen Consignment & Gift Company.  The following guidelines will help us to process your clothing more efficiently and assist you in becoming a successful consignor.

Clothing is accepted by appointment only.  We begin scheduling appointments in January for spring and summer and in July for fall and winter. Please choose a month when you feel you will be ready. Booking too early may not give you the time you need to best prepare your clothing.

 If for any reason you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we ask for a 24 hour notice to cancel.  “No Shows” may not be given another appointment due to a high demand for time slots.  We appreciate your courtesy.

           -  We accept women's and children’s clothing in all sizes.  We will consider men's clothing on a limited basis.  

-   Adult items should clean, pressed, and neatly presented.  You may bring          up to 50-60 hanging items (Suits and sets are counted as one) or the items may be neatly folded in Rubbermaid totes. (You may bring 2 Rubbermaid containers up to 18 gallons each per visit.)   We need to accept a minimum of 10 items in order to open a consignment account for you. 

-  We do not have a limit on women’s larger sizes (18 and up).

-   Children’s clothing should be neatly folded and placed in a tote or laundry basket.  Please DO NOT use hangers for infant and toddler clothing.

-   You may bring 2 medium sized Rubbermaid containers (up to 18 gallons each) per visit. Employees will not be able to assist with heavy totes, please be considerate!

 -  Hangers and containers will be returned to you along with your unaccepted items.

 -  Please be prepared to pick up your containers and unaccepted items within 2-3 business days.

 - Clothing that is brought in trash bags (or other plastic bags) will not be accepted.

 - The consignment term is for 60 days. Clothing does have a gradual markdown and you will receive 50% of the selling price.

 -Unsold items may be reclaimed at the end of the 60 day term or we will gladly donate them to a local charity.

 - All articles brought in for consignment need to be the season we are accepting, current styles (generally no more than 2-3 years old), clean, in next to new condition, and presentable.

-Items that are torn, stained, or missing buttons (or accessories) do not sell.  Taking time to do repairs at home is usually worth your while.

 -Please be sure your clothing is free of all odors including must, mothballs, pets, and smoke.  Food odors permeate clothing very fast.  We cannot accept clothing that contains odors.

                                                                 Baby Equipment and Toys

You do not need an appointment to bring in baby equipment and toys.  However we do appreciate if you call us 24 hours in advance so we can effectively assist you.

-Most baby equipment and toys over 4 years old cannot be accepted due to safety regulations and customer preferences.  Please check for recalls on any baby equipment prior to consigning.  Current recall information can be reviewed at Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website -  www.cpsc.gov.  Due to the recent massive crib recall we cannot accept any cribs at this time. 

-Items need to be VERY CLEAN.  Make sure that you wipe under pads, wash seat covers, and all surfaces.  Also, please check underneath items for cleanliness.  This will help sell the item quickly and at the best possible price.

- Items with safety belts or harnesses (which can include car seats, swings, highchairs, etc.) are now being manufactured with an “expiration or use by” dates.  Please check the dates before consigning.  We will accept safety items with at least 6 months left on the expiration period.  

-We can only accept equipment that is in good working order and safe.  Items must have all parts and be assembled when they come in.  Anything with sharp edges or loose parts cannot be accepted.  Battery powered items must have working batteries in the item when consigned..

-Toys must include all accessories and instruction sheets when appropriate. 

            -Keep in mind that quality name brands sell best.           

-The consignment term is for 60 days and you will receive 50% of selling price. 

If you have any further questions about consigning please call or e-mail. 



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